Irish SouL 

Die irische Seele




Follow the glowing light. Take your chances to live again. Your life belonged to the other side? Look up to the breathtaking clouds. Your indefatigable soul fights against the bricklayers. You would like to rest in peace?

There, look ... you come back home to the Irish coast.

Auf halbem Weg:

Folge dem leuchtenden Licht. Nimm die Chancen an, um wieder zu leben.  Dein Leben gehörte zur anderen Seite? Schau dir die atemberaubenden Wolken an. Deine unermüdliche Seele kämpft gegen die Maurer. Du möchtest dich in Ruhe ausruhen. Dort sieh ... sie kommen wieder nach Hause zur irischen Küste.

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Kindle Edition/Kindle Unlimited: Midway (English Edition)

Taschenbuch: Midway (English Edition)


Kindle Edition/Kindle Unlimited: Midway (English Edition)

Paperback: Midway (English Edition)


Kindle Edition/Kindle Unlimited: Midway (English Edition)

Paperback: Midway (English Edition) 


 5 Stars *****

What an amazing customer review:

Lost in the prose of "Wonder Girl"
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Another honest and touching book from Melanie Fischer. When you get this book you not only get a book you get a friend. This book is made to be read over and over again as needed. It is full of one page and two-page lyrics, thoughts and poems also with vivid photos.Not many books allow you to get to know the writer on a personal basis like this one. Poems like Light of Hope, Wonder Girl and Lifetime Trail will send you into another place and take you away for a while into the mind of this soulful writer. Quick story for you ...

I finished this book while waiting for my dad at a doctors appt.

I looked up and one of the workers there was handing me a tissue , I forgot where I was and had tears streaming down my face, lost in the prose of Melanie Fischer the Wonder Girl.


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